Books: Asset Strippers

Asset Strippers 

To be published soon
ISBN-13 -978-1-5374-9490-6/ 9781537494906
ISBN-10: 1-5374-9490-2 / 1537494902
FICTION / Thriller / Suspense

Short Summary of Asset Strippers

The CEO of a large international conglomerate, Maximilian de Beaulieu d’Appremont, Maxi, is in the process of acquiring the bankrupt American subsidiary of a European company in Alabama. While preparing to leave his home in Caen, France, a gruesome murder is discovered on his estate. The victim is a freelancer and former employee of his family company. Attempting to find the reason for the killing, Maxi unravels hidden secrets of his long-dead uncle, a former diplomat within a whole web of money laundering connections that link him to unsavory characters involved in the 1960s and 1970s in the worlds conflict zones. At the same time, the acquisition of the company in Alabama is plagued with problems. The discovery of a massive fraud scheme inside the company to be acquired leads to several assassination attempts on Maxi and his staff. Escaping back to Europe might be the only way for Maxi, an Asset Stripper – a financial manipulator who purchases companies cheaply, then breaking them up and selling off parts for as much as one can get – to save himself from those who pursue him.

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